Through the Mud, the Lotus is Formed

The lotus has many healing properties and is a symbol of divine compassion. It becomes this by growing through the mud. Challenges provide an opportunity for you to grow into a source of healing.

The ego mind likes to make everything into a problem. How could this be happening to ME? How have I created this experience? It is almost funny, although it doesn’t feel that way at the time.

These experiences are really a gift that makes you really humble. Provides you with the unique opportunity to open your heart and fill it with compassion.

Through deep meditation, you can see that life experiences are not who you are. You are a pure divine being, one with all light and love, as are you. You are not your life experience. If your life experience is not matching your heart’s desire, that’s okay, love and forgive yourself and take a different route, let your heart guide, you are never alone. These challenges are healing you. Love and forgive everything and everyone, even situations across all time and space, dimensions and directions.

When you separate your being or essence from your life situation, the desire to judge your challenges as bad will lessen. Your greatest gifts come from these challenges—compassion, love and presence. Accept this moment as if you had chosen it.

The experience of being in the mud arises to help you wake up and become aware of your truth. The mud is detoxifying and filled with nutrients. As it pulls out thought form and beliefs that no longer serve you, it is also giving you exactly what you need. It is a remarkable cleansing, that will provide you with more gifts than you could have imagined. It is almost as if the mud or life situation is drawing the old beliefs out of you, giving you an opportunity to change them. As these thought come up don’t judge them—love and forgive them.

It’s in the ruin that the transformation takes place. It is in the transformation that miracles happen. Your transformation is a miracle. Today a caterpillar, tomorrow a butterfly. Change is divine order. Chaos is divine order.

Do whatever you need to care for yourself; practice yoga, meditate, take baths, paint, write, sing and dance! Remember that you are not your life situation or circumstances; it is just a movie you are watching. As you learn to identify more with your essence (soul, being, true self) you will find that no matter what movie is playing, you will still feel empowered, at peace and grounded.

Believe that what you already have is what you need. From the highest level you are one with all of your hearts desires, nothing is separate from you. You are oh so loved, beyond words.

When situations occur that the ego mind interprets as bad, you are not being punished, there’s nothing to fear. It does not mean that you are less loved; it means that you are even more loved and getting all the support and guidance you are willing to receive. You are becoming grace. The Uni-verse needs you to be the lotus—the healing light, the unconditional divine love and compassion, and to be that It provides you with everything to becoming it. Just trust, surrender, let go and let God.

When you are willing to be open and loving to no matter what, you are not waiting for a miracle, you are the MIRACLE. The miracle is you.

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