Golden Milk, a Recipe for Lasting Health

We yogis know it. Yoga expands beyond our daily asana practice. And that is what unfolds as a whole lifestyle or what we call “life off-the-mat” including the food we eat, and how we eat, and how we live our lives from the inside out. Few years ago, I found what’s called a smoothie for health […]

How to Make the Most Healing Choices

What do you value most? Most people would include health and happiness at the top of their list. The healing system of Ayurveda offers timeless guidance to help us nurture both of these qualities in our life. According to the ancient texts, a person seeking true health and wellbeing must:

Natural Facial You Can Make at Home

Whenever I come across anything natural inspired by Mother Nature, that you can make yourself with things you might already have in your pantry, I feel the need to share it. There is no greater gift than what nature gives us daily both to nourish and nurture our body, but our mind and spirit as […]

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