How to Work with the energies of the Moon

By Fernanda Beccaglia Every time we have either a New Moon or a Full Moon we have a precious and unique opportunity to work with the energies of the moon. So here are some quick and easy guidelines to understand how to work with the Moon— for both releasing what not longer serves us (Full […]

The Time is Now to Wake Up!

By Fernanda Beccaglia We live in extra-ordinary, historical and revolutionary times. A revolution that is taking humanity beyond forms and shapes. The revolution of our time is what I call the revolution of Consciousness. For many this doesn’t come without suffering. Consciousness, which has been sound asleep under the spell of the identification of the […]

What About Love

By Fernanda Beccaglia So many people ask me “Why love hurts?” And yes, love can be painful at times simply because it creates the way or space for more joy, light, wisdom, bliss, compassion, forgiveness, and transformation in our lives. Love is growth. But love itself does not hurt. It is growth that hurts, the […]

Why Gossip and Jealousy are your Greatest Teachers

By Ashley Turner When we have the urge to break someone down it’s because we have the need to make ourselves feel better. Take a closer look at what, specifically, is making you feel inadequate or ‘not as good as’. What is this person exhibiting that you wish you had? What qualities are they modeling […]

How to Shine your Light

Your light shines brightest when you are in your highest energy, experiencing your greatest joy, living the most fulfilling life that you can create for yourself. This is when you are the most empowered, and it is also when you are the most powerful source of light for the world. You have an obligation to […]

How to Deal With Toxic Relationships

By Ashley Turner Do you have emotional vampires in your life? Friends or family that suck your life energy and leave you feeling depleted, depressed, irritable and antsy? Here are some simple strategies to help minimize or eliminate toxic people from your life: 1. IDENTIFY THE EMOTIONAL VAMPIRES IN YOUR LIFE.  Scan your life and notice what […]

Great Things are Ahead

I truly love this post by Mastin Kipp so I had to share it here with you all. “Are you going through Divine Storm? A Divine wha? A Divine Storm, as I call them, are moments in your life when you feel like life/The Divine/The Universe is against you. Nothing is going well. You question […]

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