How to Shine your Light

Your light shines brightest when you are in your highest energy, experiencing your greatest joy, living the most fulfilling life that you can create for yourself. This is when you are the most empowered, and it is also when you are the most powerful source of light for the world. You have an obligation to […]

How to Deal With Toxic Relationships

By Ashley Turner Do you have emotional vampires in your life? Friends or family that suck your life energy and leave you feeling depleted, depressed, irritable and antsy? Here are some simple strategies to help minimize or eliminate toxic people from your life: 1. IDENTIFY THE EMOTIONAL VAMPIRES IN YOUR LIFE.  Scan your life and notice what […]

Yule and Winter Solstice: Celebrating the Power of Color, Darkness and Light

I have always been very aware of the power of color and more so during certain festivities and holidays. Colors hold certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes that affect not only us but everyone around us as well. It has been known for eons of time that color plays a major role […]

Top 3 Self Love and Care Practices

Knowing the importance of making health + wellness a priority is key to happiness in all areas of your life. There is no taking care of others, making others happy if you don’t do it for yourself first.

Feeling Stuck? Practice these Easy Tips to Move On

I don’t believe there’s such a thing as being “stuck.” We might feel stuck at times but we are not being stuck. Simply because everything is always in constant change even if our senses or perception might thing otherwise. Yet I believe there’s a period where we are in transition, ready to take the leap and […]

How to Practice the ‘F’ Word

No, not that *f* word, but the *f* word for Forgiveness with a Capital F. As a holistic life coach, I have learned that there is no freedom without it. And when clients ask me “How can I heal and let that (anger, resentment) go?” the answer is always the same: Forgiveness. “But how?! I […]

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