3 Top Beauty Tips for Fall

By Kris Carr When the air gets crisp and I’m indoors more often, I notice a change in my skin and have to take extra care to keep it healthy and hydrated. Here’s what I find most helpful… Tip #1: Keep Using Sunscreen When beach towels and flip flops get packed up many people think they […]

Holistic and Delicious Raw Chocolate Mask

Holistic and Delicious Raw Chocolate Mask Looking to hydrate, reverse sun damage or simply firm and tone your skin? Try chocolate! Why? Chocolate is considered by many to be the ultimate aphrodisiac because it puts you in a good mood simply by just the scent alone.  Chocolate is also a natural way to exfoliate with […]

Natural Facial You Can Make at Home

Whenever I come across anything natural inspired by Mother Nature, that you can make yourself with things you might already have in your pantry, I feel the need to share it. There is no greater gift than what nature gives us daily both to nourish and nurture our body, but our mind and spirit as […]

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