How to Live with Intention

Nowadays, our society is so focused on working harder and longer, acquiring possessions, and achieving titles that we often lose touch with our true nature—that wise, beautiful, loving, and vibrant being within each of us. We can get caught up in unconscious and unhealthy patterns developed over the years. Before we know it, we’re just […]

Yoga with Horses, Finding your Inner Awareness Together

By Guest Writer Corinne Rosita Aulakh I am a yoga practitioner, instructor, therapist and a passionate horsewoman. To me horses and yoga go together like syrup on pancakes. This may seem a strange combination but ask any yogi and rider and they will expound for hours on the similarities between the two disciplines.

How to Stop Mind Chatter

It is key to remember that we are much more than our conscious mind. We can exist without our conscious mind being active. When we sleep, our conscious mind plays no part in who we are. In many ways sleep is like the death of our conscious self. Hence it is clear that we are […]

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