Journey Through the Chakras

Chakras, yoga and aromatherapy

Find the oil and the yoga asana that works best with each chakra. Breathe!

Yoga and the Art of Eating

Yoga and the Art of Eating

by Katie Papo (Ambika) When I think back to my teenage glory days —mindlessly shoving pizza nuggets into my face while watching TV — “art” is not the first word to come to mind. Yet, as my yoga practice evolved, so did my eating. Here’s why. When we practice yoga, we practice two key concepts […]

8 Tips for the Traveling Yogi: Keeping Up Your Yoga Practice

By Katie Papo (Ambika) Just because you’re breaking free from your regular routine doesn’t mean you need to leave your yoga at home. Try these tips the next time you travel.

Yoga for Horseback Riders

Yoga with horses

By Guest Writer Corinne Rosita Aulakh In a previous article, Yoga and Horses, we explored the similarities between a yoga practice and effectively communicating with your horse. In this discussion we explore the importance of lifting your arches while performing asanas and while riding your horse.

Yoga with Horses, Finding your Inner Awareness Together

Yoga with Horses, Fernanda Beccaglia

By Guest Writer Corinne Rosita Aulakh I am a yoga practitioner, instructor, therapist and a passionate horsewoman. To me horses and yoga go together like syrup on pancakes. This may seem a strange combination but ask any yogi and rider and they will expound for hours on the similarities between the two disciplines.

How to Stop Mind Chatter

Be the breath

It is key to remember that we are much more than our conscious mind. We can exist without our conscious mind being active. When we sleep, our conscious mind plays no part in who we are. In many ways sleep is like the death of our conscious self. Hence it is clear that we are […]

Most Common Yoga Mistakes to Avoid

Wheel Pose

During my years of teaching yoga, I have noticed some common mistakes that counter the benefits of yoga and can be pretty dangerous. These problem-habits, such as forgetting to breathe or trying to push into a  pose (asana) when the body is telling us otherwise, can sometimes reflect and reinforce how we live our daily life. […]

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