How to Work with the energies of the Moon

By Fernanda Beccaglia Every time we have either a New Moon or a Full Moon we have a precious and unique opportunity to work with the energies of the moon. So here are some quick and easy guidelines to understand how to work with the Moon— for both releasing what not longer serves us (Full […]

Only Love Heals it All

By Fernanda Beccaglia How many times have you heard people say “time heals it all?” I have countless times. That’s why I am here writing this article. Truth is time doesn’t heal anything, only numbs it all. And it makes sense that it does, because in the true sense of it time doesn’t exist. It is […]

How to Live with Intention

Nowadays, our society is so focused on working harder and longer, acquiring possessions, and achieving titles that we often lose touch with our true nature—that wise, beautiful, loving, and vibrant being within each of us. We can get caught up in unconscious and unhealthy patterns developed over the years. Before we know it, we’re just […]

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