About God Inc.™

God Inc.™ is a holistic community created by Fernanda Sathya Beccaglia (Nanda). Fernanda is a yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer, wellness, nutrition and spiritual coach, a conscious yoga apparel designer; as well as a food and lifestyle writer and photographer; a lifetime mystic, raw vegan eater and lover, and animal rights and environmental activist.

This is not a religious site.

God Inc.™ is a place where we empower, teach, share, and give back. You will learn what’s good for the mind, body and soul. You will learn to take care of yourself in a very holistic (whole) way: From lifestyle and diet tips, recipes, yoga, meditation, coaching, to eco-friendly clothing created by God Inc.™, charity projects, retreats, videos, and more.

God Inc.™ was created out of pure inspiration and a strong need to share with others how to live in oneness, connecting with our true source of Love and Light—our Divinity; to invite Presence in our lives and to remember who we truly are.

As a holistic community, God Inc.™ is also a spiritual and holistic hub for others (angels, fairies, and unicorns too!) with the same desire to share their light and knowledge with the world.

On God Inc.™ you will find everything for your yoga practice; recipes for a healthier body, mind and spirit; empowerment and coaching articles with exercises to help you ground and center; guests writers, featured articles, retreats, classes and workshops, a superb holistic online store, and everything to inspire you and guide you to live a joyful, fulfilled life.

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Be divine,

God Inc.

One Love. One Spirit.

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